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About Crochet Symbol Charts

Crochet symbol charts are a diagram of a crochet pattern design looking at the design from the front, or right side, of the finished item. The stitch symbols are drawn as the stitches will look when looking at the design from the front.

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Crochet Symbols

Basic Stitches, Increase Stitches, Decrease Stitches, Foundation Stitches, Extended Stitches, Front and Back Post Stitches, Cluster Stitches, Puff, Bobble and Popcorn Stitches.

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Reading Charts Worked in Rows

Charts worked in rows are worked from the bottom of the chart upwards and are worked across one row, then the piece is turned and worked back in the other direction. On each alternate row you will be working across the front (right side) of the design and then back across the back (wrong side) of the design.

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